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We are Advertisingsio

The world's first blockchain-powered digital advertisement agency that offers a
unique marketplace for advertisers, publishers,
and consumers.


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Advertisingio is a platform for advertisers and marketers to find and place ads, and for publishers to earn money by selling their ad space.

Learn how to effectively advertise 

Advertising is the public promotion of goods,
services or ideas by an identified sponsor.

Do you want to
boost sales?

Do you want to boost sales and increase website traffic? We've got the perfect solution for you. Advertisingsio helps you grow your audience and make money with ads & feed.

Picking the right ad type is important

What ad type will bring in more customers? You can't go wrong with a native ad or a video ad.

Choose your budget wisely

How much should you spend on ads? The more money you put into them, the more exposure and benefits they can bring your business.

Helping brands reach their target audience

With our state of the art SEM & AI technology, we can help companies target their ideal customer more effectively.

Growth hacking for your business

With our unique service you can increase your brand awareness by running high-impact ads with minimal resources required.

Connecting advertisers to publishers

Advertisingsio is a one-stop shop for all your advertising needs. With our exclusive marketplace you can find the best publisher for your campaign, at the best price!

Secure and fair digital advertising marketplaces

By using blockchain technology to secure all transactions, we are able to offer advertisers peace of mind that they are dealing with reputable publishers.

Buyers and sellers

Advertisingsio's innovative platform connects advertisers and marketers with publishers. Publishers use Advertisingsio to sell their ad space, and advertisers and marketers use the platform to purchase it.

Get the most out of your investment


Automate your marketing

The advertising platform automates all aspects of the advertising process, including ad creation, campaign management, reporting, placement, payment processing, etc. The self-service interface makes it easy for both beginner and experienced users.


Reach out to new customers

With Advertisingsio's reach feature you can place ads on hundreds of websites at once! You can also target specific audiences with our powerful targeting tools based on age, gender, location, keywords.

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